Aerial Photography : Get A New Perspective

Aerial Photography : Get A New Perspective

Author: Kelvin Thomas

A picture captures the moment and seals it in time. It is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. The story a picture says is mesmerising. It depends on the eye of the onlooker. The same place looks different when shot from different viewpoints. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is evident from the fact that when the same location or a face is shot from by a different photographer, the results are different. The creative acumen of a photographer is reflected in his photos. The way he perceives the view gives way for magnificent outputs. Pictures that are fascinating, pictures that awe.

In aerial photography services, photos are taken from a height which allows for a newer view of the surrounding, the one a person does not encounter on a day to day basis. For achieving professional captivating aerial imagery, high end equipment with an expert photographer is all that you need. For achieving the required level of elevation, several methods are employed. For e.g. a bling, balloons, kites, parachutes, aircraft, choppers, or UAV'S. UAV'S (unmanned aerial vehicles) is a technology that has evolved over time and is a matter of that has garnered considerable attention due to the amount of flexibility and ease of use it offers. Ranging from military applications to commercial ones (Amazon trying air delivery).

In photography, the onus is to show something in a new light, give a perspective. Get a new field of vision. Aerial photography does just that, gives a different view of the same location. Imparts a level of freshness into it. Things are not the way they are, they are the way they are perceived to be. A new perspective is what aerial photography delivers.

To get a new field of vision it is not necessary to have a high end drone revolving hovering around the intended area. It is sufficient to have a blimp or a balloon that provides sufficient elevation. The photographer and the cameras should be exemplary. The flight may bring out some new views but it is the ability of photographer to descry the breathtaking image out of the sight.

There are various uses of aerial photography, there is a definite advantage when you have mesmerising pictures at your side. Say, for advertising/marketing shots, capture an events atmosphere, landscapes, wedding, hero shots, construction progress, real estate photos etc. They make a mark.

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